How to Register

  • ​Fill the form below, with the required details, the papers you wish to attempt and have paid for.

  • After that, transfer the appropriate total amount via the CMI gateway using the link given: 

Please note the following:

  1. You can attempt only one paper for each subject.

  2. The fee for each paper is Rs. 200/- (for each subject).

  • After doing so, you will receive a receipt for the above transaction on the email you submitted. Fill the Payment ID​​ and Receipt Number from the receipt you have received to complete the registration.

Registration for
STEMS 2023

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Payment Details

Go to the link below and make the payment: 

( Remember to come back and fill the rest of the form! )

  • Select Option - Others

  • Fill your name, mobile number and email.

  • Under purpose, write - STEMS 2023

Thanks for registering. We will reach out to you with more details soon!